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If you are concerned that they may be moving outside of the country you need to consider seeking urgent legal advice. We will use your feedback to improve our guides, inform our future work and seek funding.

But the court does take their views and wishes into account when deciding what is best for them. A judge has very limited powers to stop this happening.

It never hurts to tell them you love them and think they are amazing and you always will. A family home which is rented is also an asset. The running costs and day to day living expenses of two households may have to come out of the same income that previously only had to pay for one household.

You can find out if you are eligible for tax credits by using this calculator: Legal aid may also be available to pay for you to get some early legal advice to support the mediation process, for example, about what would be fair for you to agree to and then to turn any final proposal into a formal agreement, recognised by the courts.

It was really hard to start with. Changes to legal aid mean that most people cannot get free or subsidised help from solicitors unless there has been abuse within the relationship. The parent who has not worked for years is finding it difficult or even impossible to get a job.

If the father or second parent does not have automatic Parental Responsibility it can be obtained by completing a parental responsibility agreement or by applying to the court for an order. This will help avoid confusion or disputes in the future. Many families who have been through this have found it useful to draw up a sort of contract between the two parents and the child.

If you have a good relationship with their other parent you could do this all together. This is because the law for couples who live together without being married or in a civil partnership is completely different.

For more information about how family mediation works see our separate guide A survival guide to using Family Mediation after a break up. If you can do this, it is likely to make things much easier to deal with.

So, for example, a judge would want to know if one of you is better able to afford to rent in the private sector. More help and advice - child arrangements survival guide Cafcass work with children and their families, and then advise the courts on what they consider to be in the best interests of individual children.

This will be a clean break. How to apply for a financial order without the help of a lawyer. It is not their fault. There are only really five reasons to take arrangements for children to court.

For information about how to find a good family solicitor see More help and advice. Deciding what percentage share you should each get depends on several factors, including the age of the children, what you will each contribute to the running and upkeep of the home, and the anticipated earning and borrowing capacity of the one who will need to find somewhere else to live when the property is sold.

In most cases, these are likely to be more modest than the family home. If you own the family home and there is enough money for both of you to live in homes of a similar standard. If you have a new partner, a judge can take their resources into account when deciding how to share out your money and property.

We hope it helps you think about how to deal with your own situation. A judge would also take existing financial obligations into account, for example, to pay child maintenance to children of the family or for other children. Gingerbread[ edit ] After the breakdown of her marriage, Tessa Fothergill, a mother from London struggling with economic difficulties as a single parent, set up a local self-help group for others in a similar position.

Gingerbread - Single Parent Helpline

Acknowledgements This guide was written and produced by Law for Life's Advicenow project. For more information about this see: This will be relevant when deciding what is fair.

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Our single parent helpline is closed from 4pm on Friday 22nd December and will reopen at 10am on Tuesday 2nd January Our Facebook page will also. A charity that provides advice and practical support for single parents.

How We Help Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline. The Gingerbread Single Parent Helpline provides support and expert advice on anything from dealing with a break-up to going back to work or sorting.

Fife Gingerbread supports lone parent, vulnerable and disadvantaged families across Fife. We have many support services that all work with the same ethos: Engage - Support - Progress.

If you are a single parent we can provide you with support and expert advice. Support includes anything from dealing with a break-up to going back to work or sorting out maintenance, welfare benefits or tax credit issues, contact, employment, education, housing and debt. Women-in. For the last year Gingerbread has been involved in The WOMEN-IN project – this is a transnational project to promote Teleworking as a tool for improving work-life balance and promoting women’s participation in the labour market.

A survival guide to sorting out arrangements for your children A survival guide to sorting out arrangements for your children.

Gingerbread single parent helpline
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