Nike using cheap overseas labor ethical

Eliminating those monopolies will instantly distribute a share of the wealth to all members of society even as economic efficiency increases and produces more wealth.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of can help Nike monitor the compliance of the factories in foreign companies because it can help Nike monitor the wages paid to its employees more closely to ensure they are being paid fairly.

It says the situation is further complicated because the license holders themselves usually farm out the production work to a subcontractor. But the moment they cross the floor from the Opposition into Government they become hostage to a spectrum of threats - most malevolent among them the threat of capital flight, which can destroy any government overnight.

Their landmark deal with Tiger Woods spiked sales of golf shoes and apparel, so any negative impact was snowed under. These workers are faced with long grueling hours, some as long as sixty five hours per week, this according to the NY Times.

Since the beginning the company had utilized independent subcontractors for manufacturing. Nike will continue to be one of the best known brands in the world. Adam Smith, Henry George and others have all pointed to aspects of this. When the allegations came to light in the public eye, there was a lot of backlash regarding them.

Corporations and Worker’s Rights

For Nike, I think these organizations helped shape the path in which the company will continue to strive to follow. There is nothing anti-capitalist about this. You can see the full report at the Americas. As we see in the structural adjustment section on this site, the conditions are such that capital can pick up and go elsewhere if there are such conditions.

Mistakes, however, continue to happen. From one perspective, the economist is right; if we do manage to get fair wages for the exploited, then we risk affecting everyone due to passing on these extra costs to consumers.

Anderson, International Regulation of Transnational Corporations, p. Now, it insisted, any factory found to be employing a child must take that worker out of the factory, pay him or her a wage, provide education and re-hire them only when they were old enough.

Critics of outsourcing manufacturing to the lowest-cost countries say it keeps prices down but allows apparel, electronics and toy companies to reduce their accountability for the conditions in such factories.

Nike workers kicked, slapped and verbally abused at factories making Converse line in Indonesia

Right now, they are a source of cheap resources such as all those cash crops, the export-oriented economies—or mostly resource export-oriented, etc.

And so, the press went after the company itself, and did a number of exposes in primetime news magazine shows exposing the working conditions in their overseas plants. It incorporates representatives of the apparel industry, human rights groups, and labor unions, including Nike, Liz Claiborne, Reebok, Phillips Van Heusen, Business for Social Responsibility, the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, the National Consumers League, the International Labor Rights Fund, and the Robert F.

Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights. "Of all the issues facing Nike in workplace standards, child labor is the most vexing," he said in the report.

"Our age standards are the highest in the world: 18 for footwear manufacturing, 16 for apparel and equipment, or local standards whenever they are higher. Sep 17,  · Best Answer: Using overseas labor in Nike's case is perfectly ethical unless, of course, you have a grudge against poor 3rd world country workers and don't want them to improve their Resolved.

Nike — Is Using Cheap Overseas Labor Ethical?

Nike was at the center of public decry over the promotion of high-ticket items to low-income consumers as the cause of crime; Analysis. Ancillary issues aside, the core controversy is over the relationships between domestic firms and foreign suppliers, whose labor standards are far.

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down as Nike and other athletic wear manufacturers have sought to clean up their images, the criticism has damaged the company’s reputation. In Indonesia, where Korean suppliers owned a majority of Nike factories, reports by labor activists and other nongovernmental organizations revealed several cases of human rights abuses and labor violations.

How activism forced Nike to change its ethical game

Two decades ago, the company was under major fire for abusive labor practices after outsourcing labor overseas because it was cheaper. The public was shocked by reports of Indonesian Nike workers.

Nike — Is Using Cheap Overseas Labor Ethical? Nike using cheap overseas labor ethical
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