Reflection on peg feeding

Barry finishes chemotherapy, but dumping syndrome continues to cause diarrhea and nausea, resulting in poor dietary intake and continued weight loss. At first I was very aware of the second glances, especially as we spent time in airports, but then I noticed people were not looking in a bad way.

Quick solutions are a rarity in the medical world. Weight loss is often considered an inevitable consequence of cancer therapy. If the feeding tube is used in a patient who has a progressive terminal illness the tube may only delay death and the use of a feeding tube may simply prolong or increase the agony.

The only caring they may receive is at meal time. Another disadvantage is that the bactericidal effect of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is bypassed.

Peg Feeding Essay Sample

The norm is "let's try this and wait and see if it helps," and that is VERY hard to accept. It allows for the application of the law that Christians are under: In considering burden we must realize that many people who die without a feeding tube lapse into coma fairly quickly and are unaware of any physical discomfort.

Using a reflective model has helped me to realise that my learning is something which I must be pro-active in.

Reflective essay on peg feeding tubes

EN monitoring should also include procedures designed to promote safety: Winkler and Wetle conducted qualitative interviews on quality of life with three patients on long-term HPN. Buried bumper stomach-lower body Fig 2: These tubes should be used short-term for patients who cannot tolerate gastric feedings, such as those with acute pancreatitis and gastric ileus.

Treatment will depend on whether your swallowing problem is in the mouth or throat oropharyngeal dysphagiaor in the oesophagus oesophageal dysphagia. It's their job and it's a necessary part of the process. Ongoing evaluation of benefit vs.

Ideally, the buried bumper should be removed even if the patient is asymptomatic, to avoid potential complications from continued tube migration until it is completely impacted in the abdominal wall. Abdominal examination revealed an inflamed PEG site with purulent discharge.

The position of the inner opening of the tube should be checked by endoscopy. Failure to recognise BBS can result in gastric perforation and gastrointestinal haemorrhage or intra abdominal sepsis, peritonitis and even death5.

The incidence is less, though not absent, when a gastric tube is inserted directly through the abdomen into the stomach. However, the effects only last for around 6 months.

Nutritional status is improved. Comfort care for terminally ill patients. Burdens of feeding tubes: This year's theme is "Nothing Can Hold Us Back" and more information about how to get involved can be found here: You may be given a mild sedative before the procedure to relax you.

By Saturday, Raya had conceded somewhat and was drinking the majority of her feeds by mouth and keeping a lot more of it down than when we had first come in. They may not be terminal, in that death is not days or weeks away, but their dementia may be so advanced that swallowing is compromised.

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In some, God will lead one direction and in others He will lead differently. PEG feeding tubes are now increasingly used for enteral nutrition for children and adults. With the exception of one person on a bus in PR who starred and then abruptly asked "What is wrong with her.

PEG may be used with a jejunal extension[ 2 ]. Mechanical Monitoring should include x-ray to confirm tube position, gastric residual checks, changing the tube and feeding bag daily. June July For me to be outwardly resentful towards Raya's feeding tube or anything that comes along with it would be sending her the message that I don't like part of her.

Many are not conscious of hunger or thirst. Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tube is an important method of enteral feeding for patients who require temporary or long-term artificial nutritional support to prevent or correct disease-related malnutrition.

GUIDELINES FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF DRUGS THROUGH ENTERAL FEEDING TUBES 2nd Edition October 2 Disclaimer Representations in this guide are believed to be true and accurate. The Primary Care organise certain liquid preparations on request if feeding is likely to be long term.

REFLECTIVE ESSAY ON PEG FEEDING Here I have used the Gibbs model of reflection which includes description, feeling, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan of a learning experience (Gibbs ).

Enteral Feeding

The clinical skill I have learned is PEG feeding. I proceeded to gather together the equipment I needed and approached Mrs. Lewis.

Peg Feeding Essay Sample

As I pulled back the bed covers to gain access to the PEG feeding tube my mentor stopped me and reproached me for not saying hello to Mrs. Lewis first. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tubes were first described in for use in children. PEG feeding tubes are now increasingly used for enteral nutrition for children and adults.

PEG may be used with a jejunal extension [ 2 ]. Eighty patients (54%) subsequently underwent placement of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube after their swallowing study.

starting at the time of an abnormal swallowing study, whether or not a PEG was subsequently placed. Feeding gastrostomy: a critical review of its indications and mortality rate. South Med J. ;

Reflection on peg feeding
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Reflective essay on peg feeding tubes